The basis for this agreement

Guide Education Ltd These terms form the basis upon which we allow you to use our services as an end user. If you use our services as an end user then you are agreeing to do so in compliance with these terms. If you do not wish to comply with these terms then you must not use our services. Consequently these terms of service provide an agreement between you and us and you must comply with the terms of this agreement.

What we do

Our services are the provision of (1) educational materials and (2) a portal onto which content may be placed (3) qualifications through recognised awarding bodies (4) mentoring through our platform. These services are available via our website.

What we expect of you

In addition to the terms which appear below we expect you to abide by our policies as appear on our website. These policies change from time to time but, in essence, require you to respect privacies and use our services in a responsible manner.

Who are we?

We are called Guide Education can be contacted at [[email protected]].

Words and expressions having specific meanings

Content Any information, text, graphics, photographs, images, illustrations, logos, tools, written posts, executable files, scripts, software, interactive features, creative expression, data or other information materials generated, provided, uploaded, downloaded, appearing or otherwise accessible on or through our website
Our websites,,,,,
Related 3rd part sites and sub sites which are are ‘powered by Guide’
Our services Those services provided on our website and all other domains, products, applications, services and content provided by us

Can we change these terms?

We can and occasionally we will. If you are known to us as a user of our services and we have your email address then we will notify you of any changes to our terms by email or at login.

How do we deal with your personal data?

Our privacy policy describes how we will treat and look after your personal data

Can we change our service to you?

Yes we sometimes have to change the service we provide to you (both permanently or temporarily) for a number of reasons. We will notify a change of service to you as soon as possible. If our service or parts of it are unavailable for whatever reason then we are not liable to you for that. Under this agreement we are under no obligation to provide a continuing or continuous service to you.

Registered user

Registered users must provide us with accurate and up to date information. If you are given a password or if you devise one then you must keep it secure and not allow any other person to access it or see it.


If your user name and password are used by another person and you become aware of it, then you must tell us as soon as you can. If we have concerns about the security of your password then we may disable your account. If your account is disabled then you must contact us as soon as possible to address with us why this occurred.

The materials we make available - the content

Our content is protected by intellectual property laws and this agreement. We may restrict use, reproduction and access to it. We maintain the ownership of and entitlement to all rights and nothing in this agreement is to be taken as us giving permission to exploit our intellectual property rights in any way unless we say so using words which we have provided under the heading “What permission do we give?” below.

You must not use our trademark or trade names so as to give the impression that you are authorised by us or have our permission.

What permission do we give?

You may view and display our content solely in connection with your use of our services and in accordance with these terms.

The right to do those things is not exclusive to you and you may not give permission to others to perform any act concerning our content. Neither can you transfer the permission we have given you to another person either permanently or temporarily.

What about the content which you create?

That’s yours to do with as you wish. We make no claim of ownership to it. However if you post content on our website then you acknowledge that you are doing so in order that the content in question may be used by other users of our website and services that you have given access to, including ourselves for purposes of supporting your subscription agreement.

If the content which you post is offensive, illegal or inappropriate then we will remove it if we believe that it is necessary to do so.

If you do post content then you are promising that you have the right to do so and that you have the right to authorise us and others to use that content without restriction.

What about content which you or others create?

We will not be responsible for that content appearing on our website.

What if content is inappropriate?

We will do our best to monitor content but if you become aware of any content which is inappropriate then you should inform us.

What can we do if we find inappropriate content?

We can remove any content we find or believe to be inappropriate and take any other action we deem necessary in the circumstances.

If I need to take legal proceedings which court should I use?

The courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any claim arising from, or relating to these Terms.

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